Nihilism Vs Responsibility

You are experiencing Nihilism.

Remember that It is a very dark place. You should be conscious enough to scan your thoughts that this intense nihilism is passing through your nerves. As soon as you realize it you need to stop it and it is extremely pernicious to your being.

If these thoughts enter your brain and stay there for some time. You can not imagine how harmful can it be for you as being.
These feelings only show you the dark side of life and will lead to developing severe depression. This Severe Depression can develop into mental illness such as Manic Psychosis or Bipolar disorder.

Nihilism => Severe Depression => Manic Psychosis => END of Hope

Make them unable to see another way to relieve the pain other than ending their own life.

Now, lets focus on the solution.

Adopting responsibility, this will work out as meaning to a life.

If you are struggling to find and adopt responsibility then consult with me, I will help you map out how you can find and adopt a meaningful responsibility.

Courage and Patience

Courage and Patience are vehicles to transport you from tough times of life to the good times. Like you and everyone around the world experience tough times in life, experience tragedians in life such as loss of finances, loss of lives, etc.

Here is a question what do you think some people experience tragedies in life. The answer is everyone on the planet.
Trust this principle, it is so definite, go around and talk to people and get it verified.

Everyone has experienced or is experiencing tragic phases of life.

Remember, during life, you will be tested thru different means, Be prepared, feed this into your subconscious mind that you will be tested thru different means

Let's learn what these means can cause tragedy in life.

Such as loss of lives, fear, loss of your finances, emotional loss, financial loss, hunger, poverty, etc.
Now when we learned that the toughness of life or tragedies in life is inevitable. You can not avoid it.
This is the phase in your life where most people feel alienated and distressed and this distress becomes chronic over time like an untreated disease.


All tragedies are bound to go, these tragedies are not going to stay forever.
Remember, do not think suicidal, there are millions of people who think suicidal and some of them follow their suicidal thoughts.
Why because they cannot envision that this tragedy is going to end and I am so sure that if all those people who have committed suicide in the past if they know what I am sharing right now they would not have ended their lives.

Now all of you pick up a pen with an unerasable ink that “All bad times followed by a Good time”

that's true, that's how it is,
Now when developing a firm belief that this time will end at an unknown point in the future.
Do not be inactive and do not stay inactive and watch passively, take some action to remove the dirt gathered by these tragedies.
Now when you know it will go, your patience level increase and all the goodness comes to those who have patience.

You need patience


I want to change my car,
I want to change my house, I want to change my wardrobe
I want to change jobs, I want to be a millionaire
I want to change
The question is How you can get all these things to change
The answer is by changing yourself.
Want to change a car, change yourself first
Want to change a house, change yourself
The bottom line is, to change yourself

Becoming something later is Better than becoming nothing.

There are too many people around the world who think I am too late so let's not take a step and gather all too many reasons for not taking a step to become something.
Remember that success does not put a limit on age, anyone can become anything at any point in life, where are you it does not matter, what matters the most is what you are doing.

It is better to live a life with fulfillment later than not to live forever
So change your philosophy.

Here are obstacles that might come your way when you are genuinely late and the factors that will motivate you to be behind the curve forever.

1. I am late, I am about to die.
2. I don't have the energy to take initiative because you have gone to a mental and physical fuel station titled “Negative Energy”.
Now when just refilled your inner tank. Now, remember this fuel is of very low quality, and it slows down your pick.
There are different real fuels that have different power levels.
3) So please change your fuel station to “positive energy” and
Now look if you say you can not do it.
Then break it down into low-level objectives which could motivate you,

Like this.

Oh, You cant certainly do like that but you can do just this and then just this and then a little more and then a little more, and then It will take you like get going.

As you do just this, it will give you a small level of confidence which can push you one step further? Then one step further and this will break your old thinking philosophy which says that “You are too old and be nothing and let yourself die being nothing.

Another reason why it is better to be something in the late time of life is as you grow old people are less concerned about your welling being and they are more concerned about your status.

So get up and build it up, there are so many people who start something very late and they think that it is better to die with something than with regrets of doing nothing.

Here are a few examples of people who have started late

Duncan Hines At age 55, he wrote his first food and hotel guides (including one that mentioned Sanders Court and Caf, the original restaurant owned by Harlan Sanders, above). At age 73, licensed the right to use his name to the company that developed Duncan Hines cake mixes; unfortunately, he died six years later.

Charles Darwin He was 50 years old before he published On the Origin of the Species in 1859, the book that espoused the theory for which he is best known today. (The Darwin Awards came much later.)

Ray Kroc Kroc had passed his 50th birthday before he bought the first McDonald's in 1961, which he ultimately expanded into a worldwide conglomerate.