Saqib Abbasi’s unique and influential coaching programs and live events are designed to transform your life, build life your desire.

If you are in the quest of finding more meaning in your life and redirect your life to the river if you desire. Saqib Abbasi’s personal development programs will help you to get there. Saqib Abbasi’s life transformational events and one-to-one coaching programs share proven methods to change your life around and achieve your biggest goals.

When you attend Saqib Abbasi’s live event, you will experience a new life. The high content of this seminar will allow you to dive into your life’s ocean and extract precious jewels from it.

Saqib Abbasi’s live events will turn your life around where you can make a significant shift to the most fulfilling life.

Saqib Abbasi’s one-to-one coaching unlocks the window which will transform your state of distress to a state of great happiness, from a state of emptiness to a state of fulfillment. Using Saqib Abbasi’s personal development strategist will make you a champion o your life. If you are going thru any tragedy of life or stuck at one point of your life where you feel that there is not any exit door. Then you should be really serious to take Saqib Abbasi’s one to one coaching.

Great Benefits of Taking One to One Coaching.


  • Develop Clarity of your Purpose.
  • Gain the Next Level of Fulfilment.
  • Turn a Character of Description into Inspiration.
  • Ignite Passion in your Relationship.

Unlike other coaching programs, Saqib Abbasi’s coaching techniques go beyond simple strategies. Saqib Abbasi’s coaching programs focus on brain training as the brain is the key to your success. If you do not have an appropriate mindset even great strategies and methods would not work. The adaptability of mindset is a key factor in achieving maximum outcome from Saqib Abbasi’s coaching and this is what Saqib Abbasi’s coach-ing mainly focuses on.

Why Personel Coaching in any area is extremely important

Most of us and almost all of us know what we are doing but we don’t take actionable steps to achieve our goals.

We collapse ourselves in our minds before we collapse. We ruin our relationships in our minds before they destroy for good. Take Saqib Abbasi’s 1:1 life coaching and save yourself because you can get anything else but not another self.

Saqib Abbasi’s 1:1 coaching in an antibiotic to your infected life.

Create Extraordinary Life. (D Destiny)

This extraordinary event can turn your life around. This event can be life changing and transformation No matter what level of malevolence or frustration you are experiencing in your life. Human beings are super creatures than any other form of life. Human beings have been given the ability to alter the course of life and to create the life they desire. Have you ever observed what force moves you forward? Or what is your existential reality? Saqib Abbasi’s this even can get you answers to all these mysteries.

At Create Extraordinary Life you will be able to develop the skill to create the life that you can only imagine before.
When you have this event then Why to live in desperation, if you have this great opportunity in the form of Create Extraordinary Life event then why live with the feeling of malevolence and distress.
Attend this event and live with fulfillment, passion, and happiness. This event is a place where you can transform your pains in to gains, emptiness into fulfillment, sadness into happiness.
You need to live the life you were made for and you do not have to live an ordinary life.

Do you want to be just a reactor to circumstances around you or do you want to be a designer or responder of your life?

Create Extraordinary Life that enables you to discover yourself at the deepest level. To transform your life into a whole new spectrum You need a new well crafted plan and this even will help you create a well crafted plan that guarantees an Extraordinary life destination.
Whether you are caught up in the circumstances of your life or you lose track to shape your dream life.

Why will you experience at the event?

Identify what is stopping you to live the life you dream for Help you to overcome your suffering and malevolence.
Help you find an exit from the dark corner where your life is stuck and Much More.

Tap your locked potential and Fly limitless

Do you feel WOW idealizing some of the most successful people around you, Do you feel proud of someone who reached a climax of anything, and simultaneously are you feeling that you are incapable of achieving the idealized climax in any aspect of your life.
No wonder at all, You can certainly be there. No matter where have you come from, No matter what level of skills set you to have because Saqib Abbasi’s Tap your Locked Potential event can help you form a new nervous system structure which enables you to achieve your dream destination whatever and wherever it is.
This event will transform your low feeling about yourself into a high feeling. This event will tap the locked part of your to give you extra strength to climb more. This event will direct you to use your stored and preserved energy that you were unaware of.

Who Should attend this event?

This event is transformational for all types of people whether they are passive or alive, whether they blame surroundings for their current life suffering or they are eager to turn their life around.
This event is for everyone embarking on the journey of life transformation. This event is for every dreamer and achiever.
This event will help you to crus the obstacle come on your way and jump to your destination.
If you want to exit from the house of CHOAS and settle in your beautiful Dream Island then this event is an entry gate to your Dream Island.
If you feel the world or your life is completely out of your control then you are sitting on the wrong train which goes in the opposite direction of your DREAM ISLAND.
If you don’t want to settle in Lifeless than best the Tap Your Locked Potential event belongs to you.
Why live an ordinary life when you can Create an Extraordinary Life.


You will unfold this How at Tap Your Locked Potential event.